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You make your partner feel like royalty.

The Queen....

Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype.

The Lover...

if not your second highest archetype, is ACTIVE, and ideally above 70%.

"In our family, being powerful means you never apologize for being a woman."
georgette mosbacher

A snapshot of the Empress

Patron Saint:

Wallis Simpson

In Pop Culture:

Marjorie Harvey

On television:

Tasha St. Patrick, Power

In film:

Karen Hill, Goodfellas

Your Potential To Captivate

True to your dominant “queen” archetype, you value commitment, marriage and status within  your community. Like a monarch, your regal bearing commands attention and commands respect from men and women alike.

Marriage is important to you, hence the single life can feel daunting. Apart of you will remain unfulfilled so long as you’ve yet to experience committed love to a man you consider a ‘king’. More than any other archetype, you long to be apart of a unit.

Your regal bearing and inner strength attracts,  but the real magic happens after you connect. You have an unmatched ability to inspire you partner by showering him with attention. You are an amazing companion and  it’s easy for men to become utterly dependent on you for physical and moral support.

When confronted with choosing between Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American, and the British monarchy, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry the love of his life. That’s how powerful the “empress archetype” is when fully developed.

Madame de Pompadour, the indispensable mistress to French King Louis XV, with her eye for extravagance and style,  played a decisive role in making Paris the perceived capital of taste and culture in Europe. The savvy woman also advised the King on pressing military and political matters, securing titles for herself, and those close to her.

You can run a business or an efficient household and  you aspire to prominence in your community. You were meant to be matriarch– the presumed center of gravity in your family, community and social circle.  You assume the ‘queen’ position in any group. In your mind, love is an equal partnership. When  your partner succeeds,  you succeed.


Connection with your ‘lover’ energy is key to igniting and sustaining attraction for you, but sometimes Queen women resist their own erotic, sensual  nature– making it harder to realize their romantic dreams. You may be prone to jealousy, hubris and possessiveness– all of which can thwart your personal and romantic outcomes. When unbalanced by other active archetypes, women who are dominant “queens”  may lose themselves in relationships.

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