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The Siren

You are unbridled, erotic energy in its purest, most tantalizing form.

"Ten men waiting for me at the door? Send one of them home. I’m tired."
Mae west

Your Potential To Captivate

You walk into a room and all eyes land on you. You radiate confidence, unselfconscious sensuality and palpable erotic energy. You are a male fantasy come to life, the personification of the great goddesses that man worshipped for some 25,000 years. When he encounters you, he experiences a strong, primal de ja vous. When you are fully tapped into your archetype, you naturally appeal to a man’s ego, his libido, and his taste for adventure– a potent combination in a world where many men, having surrendered to rigorous social codes and first world comforts, often long for something wild and unfamiliar.

The lover archetype, is the oldest and most instinctive psychological archetype in a woman’s psyche. It represents a woman’s most primal urge to procreate. Just as the Greek goddess Aphrodite caused mortals and deities to fall in love, when the lover archetype is active in a woman’s psyche, she exudes a sublimating energy that both attracts and arouses.

Whenever we fall in love (or lust) the lover archetype is present. Consider what happens; our senses are heightened, we feel more beautiful, and sexually charged.The siren is so potent because you express all of the erotic energy of the lover archetype, without the restraints of a prominent secondary archetype.

Your passion and spontaneity are both a blessing and a curse.  

The blessing; you live in the moment, you are playfully spontaneous, and emotionally available. Consider Elizabeth Taylor’s 7 marriages— for the better part of her adult life, the euphoric process of “falling in love” was far more fulfilling than staying in it. She was, however, so intoxicating to her suitors, that they lavished her with the world’s most expensive  jewels, all tributes to their seismic infatuation.

The curse; the absence of other, more objective archetypes makes it difficult to commit to long-term projects and relationships. If you haven’t learned to leverage and balance your lover energy, can be  difficult for you to exercise restraint, meaning you may find yourself in a string of romantic liaisons that ignite and sputter faster than you’d hope. It’s harder for you, than most, to wield your erotic charm tactfully.

Nothing motivates you like the promise of passion and love. You are creative, sensual, and a rare force of nature. 

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