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The Enigma

Your mysterious air and soulful demeanor magnetizes.

The Mystic....

Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype.

The lover...

if not your second highest archetype, is ACTIVE, and ideally above 70%.

"I never said, ‘I want to be alone.’ I only said, ‘I want to be left alone’. There is all the difference."
greta garbo

A snapshot of the Enigma

Patron Saint:

Greta Garbo

In Pop Culture:

Sabrina Claudio

On television:

Phoebe Buffay, Friends

In film:

Annie, Annie Hall

Your Potential To Captivate

You project a zen-like, earthy, soulfulness that is positively magnetic. At first glance, you may seem aloof, or even  quirky due to your reclusive, often spiritual personality, but you are neither cold nor narcissistic.

Ruled by the mystic archetype, you focus your emotions inward. You crave neither fame nor constant attention. Spiritual fulfillment and inner peace are your highest priorities. You yearn to feel connected to something greater.

You don’t need validation, attention, competition, or connection to make you feel whole.  You may even flee those things for the comfort of solitude. You are content within yourself and that extreme self-possession is your most attractive quality.  

 You are comforting, grounding energy. You make  your lover feel seen and heard in a way that the rest of the world can not.

In her autobiography “My Art, My Life”, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s description of her lover, artist Diego Rivera, an otherwise comely man twenty years her senior, is positively breathtaking. It’s as if the beauty of his soul overrides any of his corporeal flaws. In spite of their monumental love, Frida and Diego maintained an “open” marriage long  before that term even entered the popular vernacular, an extreme example of the enigma’s ability to love with a light grip.

 You keep a part of you just for yourself. A man never feels he has “figured you out” hence you  forever remain an enigma. Into your mystery a man may fall, hoping to find his redemption in the solution. 



Your anti-seductive qualities...

Your deep internal focus can be at odds with developing your full sensuality and creativity. It’s particularly hard for you to awaken  the naturally magnetic, sensual energy of the lover.  You may live in your head, at the expense of full body consciousness, which also compromises both  your sensuality and sexuality. Your self-sufficiency and introverted nature can easily leave you lonely and closed off from deep connection and attraction.

With the Enigma Master Class Bundle You'll ...
  • Awaken your natural, magnetic lover energy and integrate it with the Mystic
  • Leverage the BEST aspects of your feminine archetypes, and overcome the WORST
  • Identify the behaviors and mindsets that ruin your natural, seductive appeal
  • Learn from the best, famous enigmas like Frida, who captivated the world
  • Use archetypes to get unstuck-- and figure out your life path
  • Curate a better, richer and more-rewarding life that's aligned with who YOU really are
  • Atract people and opportunity by being MORE of yourself
  • Know exactly who you naturally attract-- and what to expect in those relationships
  • Start the daily practices and make the lifestyle choices that align you with your archetype
  • Leverage your archetype for wealth, opportunity and abundance

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